343 Development of Halo 4

Halo 4 in my view looks like one of those games that nobody is going to miss out on (like halo 2 and halo 3 and halo odst and halo: reach you understand). Anyways people like to see improvement right? Well game informer has done an article about a compare and contrast of halo 4 to halo 3. Also its a video interview and you can watch it by clicking here!!

When Bungie split with Microsoft and parted ways with Halo, not everyone was interested in saying goodbye. Frank O’ Connor decided to stay with the Halo universe and serve as the franchise development director for 343 Industries. Since he was heavily involved in the development, we talked to him about how Halo 4’s narrative will connect with Halo 3 and how the formation of a new team has affected the tone of the series. Watch the video below to see what he has to say, and feel free to check out this bonus portion of the interview on our YouTube channel in which he talks about the difference in studio cultures between Bungie and 343 Industries.



Anniversary Maps Are CHEAP!! – in Europe

You know you want it

So if you are living in Europe and you haven’t bought halo combat evolved yet or you got it used so you don’t have the map pack (breaths). You can buy it now for 600 msp(for everyone counting at home that’s $7.50). I have no idea weather or not this is coming to the U.S, but if it does that would be a sweet deal!!

You can still access your Reach bnet (Sort of)

So yesterday bungie has left the franchise of reach and that was that, or was it? Sawnose has posted on the forums how to manually set your halo reach stats on b.net. Why would you want to do this?? First true fans would stick with b.net I guess also there are some minor differences, b.net is higher res then 343 and you are holding a DMR instead of a AR. Like I said you can manually set them and if you click here you can read this article in the b.net forums.

Here are the details:

– Sign in to Bungie.net with a profile that has an existing Reach service record, and click Profile in the main navigation bar.
– Click the Game Settings tab
– Click the new Player Model link below the tab
– Below the explanatory image, a line of text will remind you of the last Service Tag we have on record for you. Set your Reach service tag back to this value if you’ve changed it.
– The image on Bungie.net shows where in the Reach main menu you can find your armor code (Start -> Network Status, then wait for about 30 seconds for the code to appear at the top). Your Service Tag on that screen must match the one on Bungie.net for this to work.
– Carefully record the code you see at the top of the screen, and enter it into the box on Bungie.net. It is 64 characters long, consisting only of the digits 0-9 and the letters A-F. Be careful, 0 looks like D, and 6, 8 and B look similar. I recommend typing it first into a different text editor and pasting it into Bungie.net so you can easily try again if you make a mistake.
– Hit the Save Changes button. We will then attempt to render your armor image. We have no way to give immediate feedback if you entered the code correctly, so you’ll have to wait about 5 minutes and check your Service Record to see if it updates or not.
– Once you see your armor or emblem change, that means it worked!
– From your service record page, click your armor image to see the full-size version. Now add &vid=1 to the end of the URL in your browser’s address bar and hit enter, and you can download a video (AVI) file of your Spartan seen from all angles. (This will only exist after you use the new text-code feature)

Enjoy this final Halo-based Bungie.net feature!


The photo is from google images that is not me I don’t know who it is!!

April Updates

First off I just want to say thanks to everyone who stayed with the blog when the March updates were really slow, but now I should be getting into the swing of things and if anything comes up I will let you know on my twitter @HaloReach_News.

Screen Shot of the day is now going to be screen shot of the week also we will be having a weekly banner on the top of the website if you would like to check that out!!

A new look for the website is in the process so that maybe out in the first week

other then that thanks for keeping with the blog when I was gone ❤


We all knew Bungie would have to leave us

Bungie is what started the halo franchise, and we all knew it would go far I don’t think any of us knew that they were going to leave it to there step-parents (343). As of today the halo stats on bungie.net are gone and they haven’t just left us hanging. I mean who would let all of those good stats go to waste?

Bungie has taking every tib bit of information and put it on one nice poster even thoe I’m suprised they had enough room for it. There is so many stats it’s just breath taking to see how many steaks people have earned and how many betrayals we have done to out team mates (oops?) you can find this on there homepage or you can click here and this will just be a little faster. You can also download this information from there website for a whooping 2.5mb wow!!

Thanks Bungie for all you’ve done and your community thanks you!! ❤