How 343 Is Reinventing Halo

Microsoft's 343 Industries is taking Halo to the next level, while maintaining that almost undefinable feel of what it's like to be the Master Chief.

So have you ever wondered how different halo 4 will be from halo 3? Well I know you have because well everyone is!! It’s not Bungie anymore. Well here is an article that goes in depth of those little details of the halo 4 Campaign/Multiplayer visual and physical aspects. If you have some extra time on your hands this is a great read and you can find it by clicking here.

“Wake up Chief. I need you.” With Cortana’s first words you feel like you are back to all of those hours of action-packed storytelling that filled the original Halo trilogy. The banter between Master Chief and Cortana as they seek out those attacking their ship just cements it. And then come the Elites and Grunts: your first firefight as Master Chief in years, and you know you are playing Halo.


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So as you can see there has been some updates to the blog, I know that they’re kind of late but I think they look great!!

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