Dub Dub Dub Halo 4 Double XP

So Mountain dew and Doritos teamed up with 343 so we can have our double xp we all deserve. Just like when the double xp was released with call of duty modern warfare 3 it works the same way. You go to your store and pick up special marked packages of mountain dew and Doritos products and enter your codes online and there you go, you have your double xp. Unlike the COD xp promotion. Your codes give you a number of matches per xp. Like a 12 pack of mountain dew will give you six matches of double xp. Then after reading the fine print it says that the double xp will only work in the playlist “War Games”.  So what do you think about this promotion?? leave a comment or tweet @itza_travis


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How 343 Is Reinventing Halo

Microsoft's 343 Industries is taking Halo to the next level, while maintaining that almost undefinable feel of what it's like to be the Master Chief.

So have you ever wondered how different halo 4 will be from halo 3? Well I know you have because well everyone is!! It’s not Bungie anymore. Well here is an article that goes in depth of those little details of the halo 4 Campaign/Multiplayer visual and physical aspects. If you have some extra time on your hands this is a great read and you can find it by clicking here.

“Wake up Chief. I need you.” With Cortana’s first words you feel like you are back to all of those hours of action-packed storytelling that filled the original Halo trilogy. The banter between Master Chief and Cortana as they seek out those attacking their ship just cements it. And then come the Elites and Grunts: your first firefight as Master Chief in years, and you know you are playing Halo.

Alex Seropian | Looking Forward To Halo 4

Founder of Bungie ~helped

Alex Seropian is known for his role in founding Bungie, the original development company which created the Halo franchise, one of the most successful game series in the world. Seropian left Bungie back in 2002, shortly after the first Halo game was released, so he’s been outside of the Halo world for quite some time. Nonetheless, Seropian has enjoyed the other titles in the Halo series and is now looking forward to Halo 4, which is being developed by 343 Industries, a development branch created by Microsoft to oversee the creation of the new game.

“I don’t think I can be anything other than hopeful that it will be great,” said Seropian. “We’ll see. Halo is one of the crown jewels in the Microsoft gaming IP, if not the crown jewel, so you would expect nothing less than for them to take the time needed and apply the resources needed to make it great. I would be pretty surprised if they whiffed it. Maybe it will bring a fresh perspective, and that’s so hard because there’s so many fans that are used to a particular thing that bringing something new is often…it’s hard to bring something new to a franchise that’s so established. I’m looking forward to it.

“I’ve been an observer for a while now. So much has gone on with the franchise. I will say the encouraging thing is that I know a lot of the folks at Microsoft working on it and they are great people. I’m very hopeful that the team there is very fantastic. They are certainly treating it with a lot of care and respect. And applying the resources you’d like to see applied to a franchise like that. I’m hopeful that it will continue to bring the high production value and cool experiences it’s known for.”

~written by halo4f.com

List of confirmed elements in Halo 4

from google images

Here is a list I found of confirmed elements in halo 4 and there is a lot of them, I’m going to make a new page with all of these on it. There are some cool stuff on it like there are all new set of covenant weapons. halo waypoint


1. No public beta for Halo 4. Internal Microsoft and 343i beta is ongoing already.

2. New sparkcast (audio podcast) due any day now. Apparently going to clear a few things up from the GameInformer reveal of new game mechanics.

3. Frankie has been posting on NeoGaf as usual allaying overhyped fears many forum posters are ranting about.

4. Game avaiable holiday season 2012.

5. Xbox 360 as exclusive. No mention regarding support for next generation xbox as well.

6. Game engine is based off Reach engine and netcode. There are pieces from all Halo’s games except Halo Wars and this is a heavily modified/new engine for Halo 4.

7. Campaign storyline is a direct continuation of Halo 3 ending.

8. Gameplay is faster than previous titles.

9. A darker and more mature game than previous Halo titles.

10. New enemy work together/combine to become more powerful, smarter etc. This part is inclear but confirmed there is a “group mechanic now” which introduces new gameplay.

11. Approx. 250 staff at 343i from many A-AAA studios and game titles/franchises.

12. True native 720p support with FXAA using motion capture of actor performances and facials.

13. New HUD designed for more athletic and parallax movements.


1. Chief returns to face new enemy threats as well as old ones.

2. Cortana and Chief relationship to be explored more and have direct affect on new Halo games.

3. Books and lore for the last couple of years all finally becoming one solidified universe and leading directly into Halo 4.

4. Elites are not playable in infinity (multiplayer) where Spartan IV’s are the focus. However Elites in campaign or spartan ops are undefined so far.

5. Support up to 4 player campaign co-op.

6. New class of enemy weapons confirmed but without details as yet.

7. Campaign is taking place from the Halo 3 legendary planet and is a forerunner shield world called Requiem. Confirmed to contain and inner and outer shell with modified dyson sphere encasing a planet. Also protects anything inside from Halo’s firing.

8. Covenant are attacking the ship Cortana awoke John on, called Forward Unto Dawn.

9. Confirmed Master Chief will be more agile in Halo 4 than previous titles, the new armour is confirmed as being designed for this reason.

10. Factions of UNSC, covenant and other species are at the new shield world, Requiem.

11. Cortana’s lifespan and stability will be a feature very early on.

12. The year is 2557, four years, seven months and ten days since Halo 3 ending.

13. The game starts with a prologue to recap what has happened and cater for new players.

14. Cortana has given John’s armour a firmware update.

15. NOT fighting flood in Halo 4, Frankie confirmed. Halo 5 & 6 no details yet.


1. Cortana: Jen Taylor, same as always.

2. Multiplayer Announcer: Jeff Steizer, same as always.


1. BR (3shot burst).

2. DMR.

3. Assault Carbine (not yet seen or detailed).

4. Currently no bloom but recoil confirmed by David Ellis (343i employee on twitter).

5. Assault Rifle.

6. Rocket/Grenade pistol.

7. Energy Sword.

8. 4 types of grenades.

9. Pistol (Magnum).

10. Covenant Carbine.

11. Shotgun.

12. Rocket Launcher.

13. Sniper Rifle.

14. Plasma Pistol.


1. Warthog.

2. New vehicles confirmed but no details given.


1. Grunts.

2. Elites.

3. New enemy including an array of enemies and weapons.

4. In depth Forerunner details to be revealed in game, very vague at the moment.


1. Forerunner vision with limited range and will NOT allow seeing all enemies on entire map. Frankie comments likely will not be preferred by experienced situation-aware players.

2. Sprint is now a default ability, meaning you now have sprint plus one other armour ability.

3. Hologram.

4. Jetpack.

5. Active Camo.


1. No firefight mode anymore, see new Spartan Ops mode below.

2. Custom loadouts, custom armour and armour abilities are back.

3. New progression system using Spartan Points. Players slowly unlock weapons, abilities and modifications to use in loadouts. Unsure if campaign AND multiplayer AND spartan ops.

4. No dual wielding.

5. Radar has arrows in place of red dots now, details not yet revealed.

6. Loadout includes primary weapon, secondary weapon, grenade type, armour ability and a greyed out fifth option though to be the modifications slot.

7. New “Joining Games In Progress” feature. Details yet to be confirmed, unclear about playlists or gametypes allowed in or if friends only etc.

8. There is no aim down sights (ADS), Frankie confirmed.


1. Multiplayer is back but named Infinity, which is a new 3Km long ship based on Forerunner technology containing a virtual simulator with Spartan IV’s being the reason red vs. blue in multiplayer is viable.

2. Spartan Ops is a new Halo take on weekly episodic story based missions from the Infinity with Spartan IV’s. Includes cut scenes and story progression each week as well as support for up to 4 co-op players. This is basically replacing firefight.

3. Elites not playable in multiplayer, the focus is on Spartan IV’s. No details given on Elites in campaign or spartan ops yet.

4. No armour lock ability, it’s gone.

5. 2 multiplayer maps are confirmed, Warhouse and Wraparound (placeholder names).

6. Dynamic random map spawns, not completely random but a set number of fixed spawns around the map with randomisation on which one is the spawn at a given/random time. Screenshots also show indicators and this a predictable system that experienced players have new mechanics similar to old map spawn control/timing.

7. Multiple playlists but details are yet to be confirmed.

8. New class of enemy weapons confirmed but without details as yet.

9. Player spawns are instant but not instant in objective games.

10. Not using TrueSkill in the same way as Reach did.

11. New gametype “Regicide” which is a variation to Free For All (FFA). The leading scorer is “king” where every kill raises the “bounty” of the king then players that king the king receive the reward.

12. Team Slayer gametype confirmed.

13. Instant Respawn. Tap “X” to respawn.


1. New mode from main menu.

2. 5 new weekly episodic story based missions from the Infinity ship with Spartan IV’s.

3. Weekly cut scenes and story progression.

4. Support up to 4 co-op players.

5. Difficulty levels similar to campaign.


1. Assists

2. Kills

3. Distractions