Bungie Mail Sack 3.0

DeeJ has posted yet another iteration of the Mail Sack – it is NEARLY Halo-free, but I saw a Legendary Spartan helmet in one of the pictures, so I’m mentioning it. It’s a good read. (Louis Wu 20:33:06 UTC) (permalink)

This post was straight from halo.bungie.org. Basically the mail sack is where you ask employees questions if I remember. It’s cool to read if there’s nothing else that you’re doing, but if you have time it’s worth the read but sometimes it can get very long.


McFarlane Toys to make toy avatars?

McFarlane toys is always making really cool action figures from the famous Xbox game halo (duh). They’re really cool and very high detail. Now it looks like they’re going to get even further by making you favorite Xbox avatars into action figures. From halowaypoint.com it says quote…

Todd McFarlane, CEO and founder of McFarlane Toys, explains, “Rather than make up our own style of mini-figure, we decided to take advantage of the style that Xbox LIVE has established with their avatars. Since each avatar represents an individual gamer, players have a strong personal connection to their avatars. When you choose a Halo Spartan helmet for your avatar, that helmet becomes more than just a piece of some fictional character’s clothing

It sounds cool but will it sell well also i just want to say i didn’t really understand the article so this might be interpreting it all wrong. You can read the whole article by clicking here.

The Hidden 11th Terminal in Halo Combat Evolved

So if you’ve been playing combat evolved you would know that there are hidden terminals all over the place (one in every level of the game). But once you get to the 10th terminal it kind of has a weird ending that’s because it’s not the end. There is a hidden 11th terminal that isn’t even in the game. here is some instructions of how to get to it.  If you would like to just watch the hidden terminal now just click here.

This Terminal is only obtainable by first collecting all the terminals hidden throughout the game, then writing down the codes at the end of each video, then going onto halo waypoint, pressing (X) then pressing the corresponding color code (eg. red=b, yellow+y etc) then putting in these codes 1 by 1.

REWARD: each terminal code you enter on waypoint earns you 7k credit for halo reach, and the last terminal gives you 32k.

also it links up halo 2 🙂

Bungie Black Friday Swag

Love your turkey in the holidays? love sleeping for two hours than getting up only to get trampled on for good deals? well to bad because this post is about cyber buying….Or what ever you want to call it. Bungie is having a huge black Friday swag sale on there store. They have some really cool collections like the ” See You Star Side”. (I really like the backpack). So it’s something worth checking out.