Dub Dub Dub Halo 4 Double XP

So Mountain dew and Doritos teamed up with 343 so we can have our double xp we all deserve. Just like when the double xp was released with call of duty modern warfare 3 it works the same way. You go to your store and pick up special marked packages of mountain dew and Doritos products and enter your codes online and there you go, you have your double xp. Unlike the COD xp promotion. Your codes give you a number of matches per xp. Like a 12 pack of mountain dew will give you six matches of double xp. Then after reading the fine print it says that the double xp will only work in the playlist “War Games”.  So what do you think about this promotion?? leave a comment or tweet @itza_travis


Also welcome back to the blog!!


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