343 Development of Halo 4

Halo 4 in my view looks like one of those games that nobody is going to miss out on (like halo 2 and halo 3 and halo odst and halo: reach you understand). Anyways people like to see improvement right? Well game informer has done an article about a compare and contrast of halo 4 to halo 3. Also its a video interview and you can watch it by clicking here!!

When Bungie split with Microsoft and parted ways with Halo, not everyone was interested in saying goodbye. Frank O’ Connor decided to stay with the Halo universe and serve as the franchise development director for 343 Industries. Since he was heavily involved in the development, we talked to him about how Halo 4’s narrative will connect with Halo 3 and how the formation of a new team has affected the tone of the series. Watch the video below to see what he has to say, and feel free to check out this bonus portion of the interview on our YouTube channel in which he talks about the difference in studio cultures between Bungie and 343 Industries.



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