We all knew Bungie would have to leave us

Bungie is what started the halo franchise, and we all knew it would go far I don’t think any of us knew that they were going to leave it to there step-parents (343). As of today the halo stats on bungie.net are gone and they haven’t just left us hanging. I mean who would let all of those good stats go to waste?

Bungie has taking every tib bit of information and put it on one nice poster even thoe I’m suprised they had enough room for it. There is so many stats it’s just breath taking to see how many steaks people have earned and how many betrayals we have done to out team mates (oops?) you can find this on there homepage or you can click here and this will just be a little faster. You can also download this information from there website for a whooping 2.5mb wow!!

Thanks Bungie for all you’ve done and your community thanks you!! ❤



One thought on “We all knew Bungie would have to leave us

  1. I can’t believe they’ve decided to let Halo go.
    From my point of view, it sounds like they don’t want to leave Halo (and put it into hands of 343).
    But i really hope 343 do a good job as well as Bungie. IDK if you do, but Infinity Ward on MW3 just release patches and add a playlist sometime. Bungie however, even host the oppurtunity to play against them online, host special playlists (7th Of The 7th) and more. ❤ you Bungie!

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