March is Here!!

Yes my favorite month and not just because it’s my birthday month and spring break but because of all the xbox news!!

March is usally the month when Microsoft meets with developers to show off new technology wether that has to do with the Xbox 360 or even the rumored Xbox “720” set to launch this holiday season!!

Halo 4 being one of microsofts biggest projects right now is one of the speculations we are going to be going into this first week/two weeks of March. We are still looking into the Xbox 360 Spring Showcase in San Francisco which was rumored to be packed full of info.

Website updates!!
SHOTD is now up and running you can find that on the right side of the webpage and make sure to upload your own photos to @HaloReach_News on twitter!!

The twitter app is also up and running for people who don’t have a twitter so check that out on the right side of the webpage.

March looks like a great month for xbox news a looking forward to new xbox technology, for us and developers. Stay with all of this information all month long by following this blog!! see you next month!!


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