The Halo 4 Story Rumor

This information may not be correct because it’s a RUMOR but still if you don’t want to read it that’s fine!

while i was searching the web I found a website called, and they have rumored that from 343 that they have got the story, now I really don’t want to believe it because it just doesn’t sound right to me but I will Just give you the highlight of the article.

This is the Master Cheif 117 John and Cortana’s story as they are on some kind of world or station called Sigma 7. There is also deep levels of customization, not just in the multiplayer. This is also in the campaign mode, possibly similar to the level of Crysis 2 character customization in the story, but a lot better with way more options.

Yeah it does sort of sound like Crysis 2 with all of that customization RUMOR! But I hope that they don’t ruin halo like that giving it a whole bunch of customization options for campaign.

The article goes on and talks about how 343 may be trying to create a FPS game like Callof Duty or Battlefield where all you have to do it pull a trigger to aim down the sights, My favorite part of halo is where you don’t have to do that, aiming down the sights by pushing down a joystick.


You can read the full article from by clicking here.


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