Halo 4 Campagin already done?

It’s been rumored by Frank o’ connor that the campaign may already be done, he’s said this to bs angle.

Obviously we’ve been working on the game in earnest for a long time, but it’s all starting to feel pretty real to me now. Campaign is playable from start to finish

So it sounds like the campaign may be done and the game may be out early winter of 2012 (december/ end of november). He also goes on and says…

and multiplayer has been running for a while. It’s amazing to see changes big and small have a dramatic effect on making the game smoother, more playable and more enjoyable in almost every session.

This would be really cool if the game is this far into development, but i also feel it shouldn’t be a game that’s rushed.

This is only a rumor and like all rumors it’s really cool!!

You can read the article by clicking here!!




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