Still haven’t gotten the Brady Games hand book for games like Halo Reach and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary? I think one of the most helpful elements in those books is the map layouts for multiplayer maps. It really helps you find those weapons that everyone has and also objectives like where the next hill is going to spawn. Well now you can with your mobile smart phone! Halo Waypoint quotes

“ATLAS (Assisted Tactical Assault System), a new maps and strategy experience for Halo: Reach, is available now as part of Halo Waypoint on Windows Phone 7, Android, and iOS devices. 343 Industries teamed up with Brady Games to bring you detailed Multiplayer and Firefight maps from Halo: Reach in ATLAS, including Noble, Defiant, and the new Anniversary maps. “


  • Windows 7 Phone (That one should just be a given)
  • IOS Devices (that means Iphones and Ipods)
  • Android

No clue if Halo Waypoint will ever let computer users have a look at ATLAS but it’s a really cool tool to use to bump up you game on Halo Reach!!



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