Bungie agrees that SOPA sucks!! click link

First off the click link in the title is just for twitter followers so they know that when they see these weird post that says “Bungie agrees that SOPA sucks” they won’t get all freaked out not knowing it’s a blog post.

Now onto the real story, if you don’t already know SOPA stands for stop online piracy act. and for one i think it’s a waste of time. Basically they want to take over the internet and that’s long story short.  And now this is another reason why i love bungie. They come straight out and say “SOPA sucks”.

At Bungie we tend to keep our collective nose out of state affairs. We can’t even come to a consensus on which bus line to take into Bellevue in the morning, let alone arrive at any unified conclusions regarding our equally congested political roadways. But we all agree that SOPA sucks.

You can read this full post by Bungie by clicking here.


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