Halo Combat Evolved Vinyl Green Limited Edition Soundtrack

Music is nature’s song (I guess lol) but playing halo combat evolved in 2001 and hear that music for the first time made me think of two things, first that I was in church. Second I thought it sounded like an old school tomb radar game. Anyways the halo combat evolved anniversary sound track is coming out on December 20th. I don’t know if it’s going to have other artist in it like Breaking Benjamin. The only information we got is that the album is coming out on December 20th and that’s that. This information came from a facebook post actually so the post said quote

“Sumthing Else Music Works proudly presents the limited edition green vinyl Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Soundtrack, which will be available on December 20th

If you’re a Halo fan it’s something to add to your collection because it’s vinyl green edition but honestly is there another edition? Well it’s time to conclude from here see you again in 2012. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICAL PICTURE!!



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