Brady Games Offical Guide

Brady games has been known for making outstanding guides for pretty much any video game you could think of. Brady games has announced that they’re releasing there halo combat evolved anniversary. For anyone whose first time playing halo combat evolved this would be a great book to pick up. Halo Waypoint states

in-depth strategy for both the single-player campaign and Anniversary multiplayer maps, this all-new guide also includes beautifully illustrated and detailed maps. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to successfully battle the Covenant–or your fellow players.

For anyone who’s played the game before you might be thinking “i don’t need this i’m all ready a master!!” Well halo waypoint also states

In addition to all the Anniversary exclusive content, we’ve also included a comprehensive bonus section on Halo: Reach multiplayer and Firefight. Like the Anniversary coverage, this section contains highly detailed, illustrated maps showing you just where to find weapons, power-ups, vehicles, and more!

This is really a book worth looking into buying if you’re a true halo fan or even new to the series. To get a head with all of the secrets of halo reach multiplayer and also campaign this is you type of book. i can’t wait for my copy in the mail!!


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